The organized cheese production in Krasnarski region dates back to the second half of the past century. More precisely, the first quantities of milk were gathered and send for processing to Senj in an organized manner in the sixties. At the beginning the milk was only gathered and sent in the raw state to Senj.

In the year 1960 the first forms of processing appeared; using copper kettles and heating milk stimulated coagulation, but without pasteurisation. Such manner of using raw milk in cheese production is one of the most traditional manners of cheese production.

In the seventies of the last century the parents of Mr. Vladimir Tomaić were employed at the dairy plant Krasno in the ownership of the trading company "Primorje" from Senj.

At the beginning of the war in Croatia the system which existed up to then was gone, and the large number of farmers was left without the certain buyoff. All of that led to the livestock population in the period form 1989 to 1992 in the area of Krasno and the surrounding villages be halved, whereas a large number of people remained jobless.

In 1992 Vladimir Tomaić, with the whole-hearted support of his wife, decided to take his destiny into his own hands, and from the position of the head of the register office and the registrar, to try out the entrepreneurial waters.

Having some of his own funds and financial sources borrowed from acquaintances and friends, as also with the loan from the town of Senj in the value of 6000 DM, he started the production of cheese in the traditional manner of cooking in a copper kettle.

Like every start, this one was also difficult and modest. At the first day only 73 litres of milk were processed, whereas in the following eighteen months the processing stabilized on 180 litres of milk daily, resulting in semi-hard Krasnarski cheese.

In 1994, after new regulations regulating this business activity became effective, the family Tomaić decided to further invest and with the credit assets in the amount of 65000 DEM invested in the new milk processing equipment.

The volume of processing and production increased, with daily processing up to 1500 litres of milk, but still producing only Krasnarski cheese. This production volume also makes possible larger employment, so Tomaić Commerce currently employs six employees

In the year 2000 new products were introduced: škripavac and Velebit sheep cheese, as also new people were employed enabling more active approach to the market, and appearances at fairs where products were awarded medals and acknowledgments for its quality.

On 13th July 2003 the new production plant of Dairy "Runolist" was opened in Krasno, daily milk processing increased to 2000 l, and the production range was enlarged to six products.

Being convinced that the production will be sufficient for the next 20 years, we suddenly faced the fact that the market needs are much larger.

Upon construction of the business area in Otočac, about 20 kilometres away from Krasno, an opportunity offered to construction of the new production plant. The construction of the facility began on 01st July 2009, and the opening was on 27th October 2009. The facility was co-financed by the funds of the Ministry of Agriculture and the SAPARD Pre-Accession Fund, whereas the equipment was co-financed by the Ministry of Regional Development.

The current processing capacities make possible to process up to 5000 l of milk daily.

The HACCP system has been introduced, and the regular controls of the competent authorities are carried through. The Diary "Runolist" provides raw material in cooperation with the milk producers from the Velebit region, and provides intermediary income from over 70 milk producers from this region.

Our vision is to become the most recognizable and most significant producer of autochthonous dairy products from this region.

Products we develop are based on tradition, health safety, high level of quality and excellent taste. Our objective is that our buyer always perceives to get for his money the most we may offer.

Tomaić Commerce Ltd. is the family company with several - years experience in cheese production. Its main activity is milk buyoff, milk processing, production ...

In order to present our products as good as possible, we built within the dairy the educational hall where one can see all phases of cheese production...

Route from Zagreb: high-way A1 to Split 138 km, Exit 10 Otočac, to the Plitvice Lakes, By road 50/E71 direction Plitvice Lakes / Vrhovine / Otočac 5.4 km...

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