The Dairy "Runolist" bases the production of cheese and other dairy products on several years of experience, traditional recipes and domestic raw-materials. Our assortment includes: Krasnarski cheese, Runolist cheese, Škripavac, Velebitski cheese, fresh cow cheese, cow milk skuta and sheep milk skuta, and Tartufo - Runolist cheese with truffles.

Enlargement of assortment has been planned with introduction of several new products, which for sure include lička basa, an autochthonous product produced today in a small number of households in the region of Lika.

Krasnarski cheese

The leader of the Dairy "Runolist" production program. This is the cheese which insured the recognizability on the domestic market to us. Hard cow cheese made according to the traditional recipe of milk from the surrounding pasture lands, which matures for minimum six months.

It is best served at room temperature so you can taste the abundance of its favours. One cheese weights 1,70 kg in average.

Runolist cheese

Semi-hard cheese made of cow cheese. It is produced in the same manner as Krasnarski cheese, but matures for about 60 days.

Velebitski cheese

Hard sheep cheese whose aroma unites the smells of Velebit pasture lands in summer months. It develops its full aroma in the maturation process. It is appropriate as a self-sufficient meal or as addition to dishes. It weights 1.60 kg in average, and is sold whole, or as vacuum packed halfs or quarters.


Soft cheese of feta type, the traditional product of Lika made of cow milk served as part of the cold buffet in combination with potatoes from Lika and smoked and cured meats. Vacuum packs weight: 50 to 70 dag.

Fresh cow cheese

Our fresh cow cheese specific for being made of unskimmed milk, with no addition of cream being necessary. It is exceptional for preparing pastry and other dishes, but also as self-sufficient meal. Packs weight: 50 and 100 dag.

Cow milk skuta

Albumin cheese produced from mild whey at cheese production. It has high nutritional value and is ever more valued among consumers.

Sheep milk skuta

Albumin cheese made from sheep milk whey. This is a seasonal product produced in limited quantities. It has high nutritional value and is very required at the market.

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